Executive Career Coaching

“Each coaching session is designed to help you maximise your performance"

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Executive Coaching and Leadership is recognised as one of the most essential skills for successful leaders.  Allow me to support you in building resilience and gaining knowledge on how to overcome challenges that will help you enhance your professional development.

Executive Career Coaching

Whether you are wanting a new challenge, ready for a career change or career transition, or maybe you're unsure about your next career step.  

Through these sessions, we will help you to improve your career decisions and make insightful choices when you're planning for the future. 


By engaging in our executive career coaching services, you will receive unbiased career advice to support you in working through career obstacles, evaluating career options and successfully plan for professional success.

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We can help you assess your needs and create a career development plan/roadmap for areas such as:


  • ​Career direction or redirection

  • Professional development opportunities

  • Career growth

  • Job interview coaching for Executives

  • Securing promotions

  • Enhancing your leadership capabilities

  • Learn the habits and methods to consistently perform at your best

  • Overcoming career obstacles

  • Building an Executive presence

  • Creating and elevating your personal brand

  • Improve career connections

  • Increasing self awareness for greater emotional and behavioural flexibility

  • Building high performing teams

  • Leading through change and uncertainty

Executive career coaching sessions can be tailored to your needs!

Here is a guide to the session inclusions.

Strategic executive career coaching sessions

  • 3 uniquely personalised 1:1 60 min strategic coaching sessions delivered via zoom and tailored to you and your career needs, these occur either weekly or fortnightly according to your preference.

  • A detailed assessment of your current career situation.

  • A personality profile assessment that will provide us with a description of who you are and why you do things, the way you do.

  • Identify your career goals while ensuring these align to your personal values.

  • Navigate through and overcome any obstacles and fears you may be facing in your career and help you make your next move with confidence

Develop a career road map

  • Create a career roadmap that helps you identify what your next career move is.

  • Review and feedback of your resume and LinkedIn profile.

  • Design a successful job search strategy that will enable you to effectively search for and apply for the right roles.

  • Clearly define what you have to offer, leverage your network, guide you through several job platforms and how to take advantage of your online presence and get noticed.

  • How to navigate the hidden job market, so that you can find and land the jobs that aren’t publicly advertised.

This is for you if you …

  • Are committed to your journey and deeply care about enhancing your career. 

  • Know that the best investment is the investment in yourself.

  • Looking for one on one confidential support to discuss, release and resolve issues across business and leadership.

  • Are a high performer and want to take your career to the next level.

  • Want support that extends further than your expectations, with insightful strategic planning.

  • Seeking support to improve your career decisions and make more beneficial choices when you're planning for the future.

  • Would like to work with an experienced Executive Career Coach to help you execute significant career change. 

Experience, Track Record and Credentials

As an accomplished, ambitious and highly recognised Executive Career Coach, I hold more than 15 years demonstrated success providing recruitment, human resources and end to end executive career coaching services. 

My credentials include a Certificate in Executive Career Coaching, Diploma in Learning and Development, Certificate in Recruitment and Human Resources, and accredited as a Professional Certified Resume Writer, through Resume Writers Australia.

Through my executive career coaching offerings, I have supported many executives with one on one mentorship to help them elevate and execute significant career change.

In addition, I have a proven track record working collaboratively with clients across a wide variety of industries to develop and implement robust and best practice Talent Management programs.

Are you ready to plan the next stage of your executive career?

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$1547 AUD Upfront


2 x fortnightly instalments of $849 AUD